Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts is a weekly audio show whose inaugural broadcast hit the streaming services in August, 2012. This podcast discusses exploitation cinema of all types. From action, comedy and horror to all sorts of low budget fair and drive-in schlock, nothing is taboo or out-of-the-question for this trio of pod-casters.

In February of 2017, BBandBC expanded its universe by opening an editorial department and staffing it with experienced writers. We now offer a wider range of related content covering genre television, written film reviews, the ladies of exploitation, video games, and the technology behind creating a weekly show. Like the podcast, nothing is off limits for our stable of expert contributors.

We’d love to hear from you directly so call our voicemail line at: (702) 751-7469. If you do call and leave a message, we’ll play it LIVE on the show. You can also get in touch with us by using the form below. General inquires and film suggestions are always welcomed.

Screeners: If you want your movie, book, video game or piece of tech reviewed, please use the form below as a starting point of communication.