The Podcast Report – 05/21/17

Due to my occupation, I listen to a number of different podcasts every week. The topics vary from show to show and they also rotate in and out of my top 5. The five examples in this article have remained on my “MUST LISTEN TO” list for quite some time. I’d like to share these with you in hopes of expanding your listening choices.


On April 13, 2015 the SOFA KING PODCAST (@sofakingpodcast) launched with Where’s the Water & Human Cyborgs. This episode discusses the California water crisis and Biohackers, a group of DIY cyborgs enhancing themselves from home. This Bakersfield, CA, based podcast discusses numerous topics twice each week. Your three hosts, Brent, Brad and Dave are funny, witty and just plain entertaining. Chuck Norris, Bigfoot, Zodiac Killer and IRA-Terrorists are just a few of the topics these guys have discussed. I listen to this show because the hosts are not politically correct and they often poke fun at the topics they cover while being informative at the same time.


Patrick Beja (@NotPatrick) has been producing French and English language podcasts since 2006. PIXELS, a video game podcast, opened it’s door in October of 2014. Unlike a lot of other video game shows, this one focuses on game news and analysis – at least it did when it first launched. It has grown to be much more than that since first airing. Patrick is a well spoken individual who loves video games and you’ll hear that when he talks about them from episode to episode. He also loves Blizzard games so that’s a plus in my book.


I only started listening to this podcast a few months ago. However, SHOCK WAVES (@ShockWavesPod) has fast become my go to show for all things horror. SHOCK WAVES is a bi-product of Blumhouse. This is a procast, meaning, it’s done in studio and is very well produced. Your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Ryan Turek and Rebekah McKendry are in the business of horror and all know their shit. While some of their discussion revolves around more popular horror (Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc.), they often recommend a variety of odd and strange cinema to their listeners. This is why I listen and it’s why you should listen as well.


SWORD AND SCALE (@SwordAndScale) started small but quickly became my go-to true crime podcast. Your host, Mike Boudet, talks about mass murder, sex crimes, killer moms, torture, mob crimes and much more. This is another show I consider a procast. It’s done in studio and is extremely well produced. You’ll hear the second you start listening. One word of warning, Mike often covers crimes against children. These topics can be touchy if you’re a parent so tread carefully when choosing to listen to certain episodes because some of this stuff is can be a difficult, stomach-churning listen.


THE RIALTO REPORT (@TheRialtoReport) is hosted by both Ashley West and April Hall. This show focuses on the adult entertainment industry between the early 1960s to the mid-1980s. It’s primarily an interview show, but they frequently discuss all things related to the Golden Age of Pornography. What sets this show apart from others like it are their guests. Jeanne Silver, Bob Chinn, Seka, Rick Savage and Jerry Butler are just a few of the former stars they’ve interviewed in the past. They dig deep to find these people, then unearth unanswered questions and revealing information in each and every conversation. The Golden Age of Porn isn’t necessarily something I’m interested in, but each episode is gripping in ways I never thought would be. This speaks to the power of this podcast so I’m always recommending it to those looking for something new.

There you have it, my current go-to podcasts. With tens-of-thousands of mediocre shows vying for your attention, you should consider these and enjoy what they have to offer. I’m curious, what shows do you listen to? Which would you recommend? Use the comment section below to share your favorite shows with our readers.

Contributed by: Mike Murphy





  1. Some of mine that might be off this community radar:

    Slaughterfilm ( — A well-produced, yet casual and fun weekly podcast on horror/fantasy/sci-fi films. One of my main motivations for getting into podcasting. Generally, the hosts Cory and Forrest pick one film each a week to review, as well as some small bits on movie news, etc. They generally don’t go longer than an hour and twenty minutes, yet their reviews feel pretty thorough.

    The Girls in the Back Row ( — Fangoria-produced. a fun horror podcast from a female perspective. By that I just mean it features two female horror fans talking about horror, not some over-sensitive, politically motivated analysis, that takes all the fun out of it. Tends to cover more mainstream horror films, past and present, as well as horror news.

    The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast ( — All things Lovecraft, including other similar weird fiction is covered, as well as classic and obscure short horror fiction. Includes professional readings of the work in both small segments on the regular episodes, as well as full-blown special episodes where selected entire works are read. Great production values. The only negative is that there’s a required tri-monthly premium membership of $6.66 for episodes 63 to their latest episode (as of this post), 356. Worth it to me, but I’m a Lovecraft/weird fiction fiend.

    Schadenfreude Gaming ( — This comes out every couple of weeks or so. Not as professional as other video game podcasts, but that’s why I like it. Very casual. Just a group of buddies coming together to talk about what they’ve played together and by themselves, while cracking wise. News from the industry is also covered, with more cracking wise. Fun time-killer.

    The Doug Stanhope Podcast ( — My favourite stand-up comedian, and notorious drunk, is constantly putting out episodes about life on the road and the misadventures that take place at, and around his compound in Bisbee, Arizona. He’s collected a gang of similar rogues, who are often on the podcast getting just as drunk as he is, while they relate funny stories. Stanhope is one of the more raw and honest guys in stand-up, and he and his crew have no problem discussing personal failures and tragedies that have befallen them, and somehow making them funny. This is just a blast if you like non-PC humour. Nothing is off the table topic-wise.