Genre TV Editor – Kevin Bachelder

Kevin is a life-long fan of science fiction/fantasy TV and movies, having first been exposed to the genre in the early 70s through Star Trek reruns and Creature Double Feature airings on a local Boston UHF channel.

He’s been podcasting about genre TV and movies since 2005 and has nearly 1,000 show episodes under his belt over the past decade. His participation in those shows contributed to four Parsec Awards in the Best Fan Podcast category. Kevin speaks frequently at sci-fi conventions and, for the past five years, has hosted the popular Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Heckle Along event in the American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media track at Dragon Con. You can find Kevin’s shows at

Kevin will be contributing to the site bi-monthly by delivering short audio episodes focused on genre TV. These audio segments will be delivered via the current BBandBC Podcast feed.