Black Mama, White Mama (1973)

Directed by: Eddie Romero Starring:  Pam Grier, Margaret Markov, Eddie Garcia, Sid Haig and Vic Diaz Runtime: 87 Minutes Release Date: January 19, 1973 “Strip

EP235 – Sweet Sugar

With Iris out over the next two episodes, Mike and Mark tackle the recently released Vinegar Syndrome women in prison picture SWEET SUGAR (1972). This

Candice Rialson

Not a lot is known about this stunning blue eyed, blonde haired beauty. In fact, after her retirement from the business in 1980, she got

EP215 – The Killing of Satan

On this week’s show, Mark walks both Mike and Iris through the Efren C. Piñon directed movie, THE KILLING OF SATAN (1983). This episode gets

EP202 – Not of This Earth

We are back in the studio this week to discuss the Jim Wynorski directed picture, Not of This Earth (1988). Iris is out sick, but

EP125 – Deathstalker

This week on the show, Iris is out of the office and Mike is joined by Kevin Bachelder and Bill Dever to discuss the James

EP113 – Stripped to Kill

This week on the show, Mike and Iris discuss the Katt Shea directed film, Stripped to Kill (1987). We begin by talking about over sized

EP73 – Night of the Cobra Woman

This week, Mike and Iris talk about the Roger Corman produced film Night of the Cobra Woman (1972). During this episode we can’t help but

EP50 – Attack of the Gorilla Beast

In EP50 of the show, Mike and Iris discuss The Beast That Killed Women (1965) and Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957). The Beast That

EP35 – Humanoids From the Deep

Mike is joined this week by guest co-host, Kevin Bachelder of the Tuning In To Sci-Fi TV and Saturday B-Movie Reel shows. Mike and Kevin