EP170 – 1990: The Bronx Warriors

Tight designer jeans and bulging zippers is the theme for today’s episode. Mike, Iris and Mark discuss the Mark Gregory vehicle, 1990: The Bronx Warriors

Exploiting Nuns in Popular Media

The Advent of Nunsploitation During the 1970s, a popular subgenre of exploitation cinema emerged in the form of Nunsploitation. These were movies focusing on the

Best Nunsploitation Films of the 1970’s

Many genre fans feel there are few good exploitation films featuring nuns – and they are absolutely correct. There are many, many bad naughty nun

EP169 – The Beast Within

In the latest episode of BBandBC, Mike, Iris and Mark tackle the Philippe Mora directed creature feature, The Beast Within (1982). We touch down on

EP168 – Ghosthouse

Mike and Mark welcome Iris back into the studio to discuss the Umberto Lenzi directed horror picture, Ghosthouse (1988). It’s been a while since we’ve

EPXXX – There’s Poop in my Porn

On this week’s episode, Mike and Mark sit down to discuss the Bob Chinn directed Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1978). We discuss many things

EP166 – Petey Wheatstraw

With Iris out of the studio this week, Mike and Mark tackle the one and only Petey Wheatstraw the DEVIL’S Son-In-Law (1977), directed by Cliff

EP165 – Blind Rage

Fred Williamson, Fred Williamson and Fred Williamson = Blind Rage (1978). You’re welcome… http://traffic.libsyn.com/bbandbcpodcast/EP165_bbandbc_blindrage.mp3 Listening Options iTunes: EP165 – Blind Rage RSS feed: EP165 –

EP164 – The Eroticist

We’re back this week to talk about the Lucio Fulci SEX comedy, The Eroticist (1972). During this episode, we read emails, iTunes reviews and also

EP163 – Invasion of the Blood Farmers

The crew is back once again to discuss yet another lost picture. This week Mark walks us through the Ed Adlum directed movie, Invasion of

EP162 – Savage Island

On this week’s episode, Mike, Iris and Mark discuss the Ted Nicolaou directed picture, Savage Island (1985). This film is a mess. It’s two films

EP161 – Best of 2015

It was an uphill battle to get this episode recorded and edited. We had multiple issues while recording this and it took much longer to

EP160 – Game Show Models

Mike, Iris and Mark, talk their way through another film that mistitles itself, Game Show Models (1977). This one was directed by the 7th Dwarf

EP159 – Pieces

This week on the show, Mark walks us through the Juan Piquer Simon directed picture, Pieces (1982). Although it’s Marks fist time at bat leading

EP158 – Pick-Up

This week’s episode is a discussion of director Bernard Hirschenson’s picture Pick-Up (1975). Crown International Pictures slapped a misleading title on the poster to lure

EP157 – Snuff

This week on the show, Mike, Iris and Mark dive into dark territory with the Michael Findlay directed picture, Snuff (1976). We discuss numerous aspects

EP156 – The Children

This week, Mike and Iris discuss the Max Kalmanowicz directed film, The Children (1980). During this episode Iris admits to her infatuation for this film

EP155 – Porno Holocaust

WARNING! This episode of the show should not be listened to by anyone under 18 years of age. This episode contains adult subject matter and

EP154 – Astro-Zombies

Listener Appreciation Month, November 2015 We’re back this week to look at the Ted V. Mikels directed picture, Astro-Zombies (1968). Charlie Brown from our Facebook

EP153 – Erotic Nights of the Living Dead

Listener Appreciation Month, November 2015 This week, we discuss Joe D’Amato’s zombie epic, Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980). Iris and Mike both go