Faces of Death (1978)

FACES OF DEATH (1978) is most often thought of as a stylized documentary. It covers the topic of death from many different angles including farm

EP210 – Trailer Trash Vol. 2

After last week’s 3-hour opus, we’ve decided to take this week off. No worries though, your pal Mark Sering produced this week’s episode so we

EP209 – Best of 2016

Mike, Iris and Mark return to the studio to discuss their “Best and Worst First Time Watches” for 2016. In this annual episode, we welcome

EP208 – Nightmare

This week on the show, Mark walks Mike through the Romano Scavolini directed picture, Nightmare (1981) aka Nightmare in a Damaged Brain. So grab a

EP207 – Sadomania

In our first episode of the new year, Mike and Mark discuss the Jesus Franco directed sleaze-fest, Sadomania (1981). Due to the weather playing havoc

EP206 – Jacqueline Lovell Interview

In the last episode of 2016, Mike gets together with Ty Ray from the Beats and Eats Podcast to sit down with actress Jacqueline Lovell

EP205 – They Don’t Cut the Grass Anymore

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts. This week, Mike, Iris and Mark are joined by guest co-host Alexander Portillo to

EP204 – Night of the Demon

This is the sixth Bigfoot movie we’ve covered on the show and probably the best one of the bunch. Or not. This week, Mike, Mark

EP203 – Car Wash

This week’s episode features the under-seen comedy classic, Car Wash (1976) directed by Michael Schultz. Mike, Iris and Mark do this episode LIVE from Los

EP202 – Not of This Earth

We are back in the studio this week to discuss the Jim Wynorski directed picture, Not of This Earth (1988). Iris is out sick, but

EP201 – Trailer Trash Vol. 1

In EP201 of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Mark put together an amazing collection of exploitation trailers for our listeners. This collection is what this

EP200 – King Kong

In EP200 of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Mike, Iris and Mark discuss the John Guillermin directed picture, King Kong (1976). We also go through

EP199 – Night of the Seagulls

In this final episode of October 2016, Mike, Mark and Iris discuss the final film in the Amando de Ossorio Blind Dead series, Night of

EP198 – The Ghost Galleon

This week on the show, Mark walks both Mike and Iris through an important film, the Amando de Ossorio directed picture, The Ghost Galleon (1974).