EP220 – The Undertaker

Mike, Iris and Mark are joined by BBandBC contributor Bryan Clark. Bryan is co-host on Attack of the Killer Podcast and joins us to discuss

Mad Monster Party Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composer: Maury Laws Lyrics: Jules Bass Label: Waxwork Records (2016) Mad Monster Party is probably not the ideal listening choice of soundtracks for the hardened

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For nearly five years now, Mike, Iris and Mark have been recording weekly audio content for Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts. This podcast is done

EP04 – Genre TV Report (3/28/17)

In this edition of the Genre TV Report (3/28/17), Kevin Bachelder updates us on 12 Monkeys, The Expanse, Humans, Preacher, The Magicians and Halt and

EP219 – Loye Hawkins Interview

In this follow-up episode to THE GUY FROM HARLEM (EP218), Mike and Mark sit down to speak to the film’s star, Loye Hawkins. Loye walks

EP218 – The Guy From Harlem

On this week’s Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Mike, Mark and Iris are once again joined by Drew Beckmann, Managing Editor of our website. We

5 Memorable Moments: Head Trauma

Movies of all genres contain different levels of violence. Back in the day, one would have to go to the horror genre to get blood,

Killer Crocodile (1989)

Written by: Fabrizio De Angelis, Dardano Sacchetti Directed by: Fabrizio De Angelis (as Larry Ludman) Starring:, Anthony Crenna as Kevin, Pietro Genuardi as Mark, Sherrie

EP217 – Black Caesar

Joining Mike, Mark and Iris on this week’s installment of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts is Drew Beckmann, Managing Editor of our website. We discuss

Claudia Jennings

In November of 1969, Claudia Jennings graced the pages of Playboy as Playmate of the Month. She was born on December 20, 1949, in Saint

Best Nazisploitation Films

Nazisploitation is a subgenre of exploitation film that takes the more mainstream Women in Prison formula and places it in a Nazi concentration camp or

EP03 – Genre TV Report (3/13/17)

In this edition of the Genre TV Report (3/13/17), Kevin tells us about The 100, Doctor Who, iZombie and the latest on the debut of

EP216 – Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless to Confess

During this episode of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Mike, Iris and Mark take a look at the first film in the Panik House Entertainment

Marjoe Gortner

When deciding what my next contribution to the site was going to be, I had been watching the Mark Robson disaster picture EARTHQUAKE (1974). One

EP215 – The Killing of Satan

On this week’s show, Mark walks both Mike and Iris through the Efren C. Piñon directed movie, THE KILLING OF SATAN (1983). This episode gets

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Do you have a passion for genre film? What about books, video games or records? Do you enjoy writing? Would you like to have your

Modern Day Badasses (Males)

Here are a couple of ground rules for this article. 1. Movies are from the New Millennium, 2000 – present day. 2. All protagonists must

EP02 – Genre TV Report (2/27/17)

In the Genre TV Report for Monday, February 27, 2017, Kevin Bachelder updates us on Lucifer, American Gods, Westworld, The Magicians, and Marvel’s Agents of

EP214 – Malibu High

We’re back this week to discuss the Irvin Berwick directed movie MALIBU HIGH (1979). This is a short episode, but don’t let the diminutive run-time

Gymkata (1985)

GYMKATA (1985) begins when the Special Intelligence Agency (SIA) approaches Jonathan Cabot (Kurt Thomas) asking him to play “The Game”. This contest forces all foreigners