5 Memorable Moments: Head Trauma

Movies of all genres contain different levels of violence. Back in the day, one would have to go to the horror genre to get blood,


Best Nazisploitation Films

Nazisploitation is a subgenre of exploitation film that takes the more mainstream Women in Prison formula and places it in a Nazi concentration camp or


Marjoe Gortner

When deciding what my next contribution to the site was going to be, I had been watching the Mark Robson disaster picture EARTHQUAKE (1974). One


Modern Day Badasses (males)

Here are a couple of ground rules for this article. 1. Movies are from the New Millennium, 2000 – present day. 2. All protagonists must


Best 70’s Films Featuring Muscle Cars

The automobile has become an essential part of American culture, representing freedom, independence and a sense of expression for young men coming of age. The


Exploiting Nuns in Popular Media

The Advent of Nunsploitation During the 1970s, a popular subgenre of exploitation cinema emerged in the form of Nunsploitation. These were movies focusing on the


Best Nunsploitation Films of the 1970’s

Many genre fans feel there are few good exploitation films featuring nuns – and they are absolutely correct. There are many, many bad naughty nun