EP249 – The Evil Dead

It only took five years, but we finally turn our attention towards one of horror cinema’s seminal classics. Mike, Iris and Mark start October by

EP248 – Carnival of Blood

Mike, Iris and Mark hit rock bottom during this week’s episode. Your three hosts struggle to discuss and get through the Leonard Kirtman directed picture

EP247 – Don’t Torture a Duckling

Mike, Iris and Mark are joined by guest co-host Tim Amato to discuss director Lucio Fulci’s DON’T TORTURE A DUCKLING (1972). Tim generously donated to

EP246 – Scott Schwartz

Following up on our RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD episode, Mike sits down with Scott Schwartz, one of the film’s primaries and chats about his

EP245 – Raiders of the Living Dead

This week on the show your three hosts fight off the living dead while trying to get through the Samuel M. Sherman directed picture RAIDERS

EP244 – Drive-In Massacre

The Drive-In is open for business! Mark, Mike and Iris sit down to discuss director Stu Segall’s horror film DRIVE-IN MASSACRE (1976). There’s a killer

EP243 – Fugitive Girls

This week on the show, Iris walks Mike and Mark through the Stephen C. Apostolof directed film FUGITIVE GIRLS (1974). Written by Edward D. Wood

EP242 – Brian K. Williams

Mike sits down with filmmaker Brian K. Williams to discuss his newest picture SPACE BABES FROM OUTER SPACE (2017). During the interview we learn how

EP241 – Boardinghouse

On this week’s show, your three hosts discuss the shot on video, direct to video sensation BOARDINGHOUSE (1982) directed by John Wintergate. Just when you

EP240 – Don’t Answer the Phone

This week on the program, your three hosts chat about the Robert Hammer directed picture DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE (1980). During this episode, Mike reads

EP239 – Conquest

This week, Iris walks Mike and Mark through director Lucio Fulci’s epic fantasy film CONQUEST (1983). During the episode, we announce an all new iTunes

EP238 – Girl Boss Guerilla

This week on the show, Mike, Iris and Mark sit down to discuss director Noribumi Suzuki’s pinky violence film GIRL BOSS GUERILLA (1972). This episode

EP237 – Thank You George Romero

In episode 237 of our program, Mike, Iris and Mark chat about George A. Romero. We look at his contribution to the film industry, the

EP236 – Messiah of Evil

This week on the show, Mike and Mark indulge in the Willard Huyck directed picture MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973). Despite appearances from exploitation actresses Joy

EP235 – Sweet Sugar

With Iris out over the next two episodes, Mike and Mark tackle the recently released Vinegar Syndrome women in prison picture SWEET SUGAR (1972). This

EP234 – Trailer Trash Vol. 3

This week’s episode features numerous trailers from films screened at your friendly neighborhood Drive-In. Like previous Trailer Trash episodes, Mark produced this one so you

EP233 – Badass Radio Vol. 2

With the crew still out of the office for another couple of weeks, we present you with Badass Radio Vol. 2. This episode contains clips

EP232 – She Mob

This week’s episode features the Something Weird Video title SHE MOB (1968). Mark brought this to the table so he does most of the talking

EP231 – Switchblade Sisters

Your trio of hosts are back together again. In this episode, we discuss the Jack Hill directed picture SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (1975). After a bit of

EP230 – Vampires

Mike, Iris and Mark are not in the studio this week so today’s episode is being pulled from the Hollywood Upside Down archives. During this