EP241 – Boardinghouse

On this week’s show, your three hosts discuss the shot on video, direct to video sensation BOARDINGHOUSE (1982) directed by John Wintergate. Just when you

EP240 – Don’t Answer the Phone

This week on the program, your three hosts chat about the Robert Hammer directed picture DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE (1980). During this episode, Mike reads

EP239 – Conquest

This week, Iris walks Mike and Mark through director Lucio Fulci’s epic fantasy film CONQUEST (1983). During the episode, we announce an all new iTunes

EP238 – Girl Boss Guerilla

This week on the show, Mike, Iris and Mark sit down to discuss director Noribumi Suzuki’s pinky violence film GIRL BOSS GUERILLA (1972). This episode

EP237 – Thank You George Romero

In episode 237 of our program, Mike, Iris and Mark chat about George A. Romero. We look at his contribution to the film industry, the

EP236 – Messiah of Evil

This week on the show, Mike and Mark indulge in the Willard Huyck directed picture MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973). Despite appearances from exploitation actresses Joy

EP235 – Sweet Sugar

With Iris out over the next two episodes, Mike and Mark tackle the recently released Vinegar Syndrome women in prison picture SWEET SUGAR (1972). This

EP234 – Trailer Trash Vol. 3

This week’s episode features numerous trailers from films screened at your friendly neighborhood Drive-In. Like previous Trailer Trash episodes, Mark produced this one so you

EP233 – Badass Radio Vol. 2

With the crew still out of the office for another couple of weeks, we present you with Badass Radio Vol. 2. This episode contains clips

EP232 – She Mob

This week’s episode features the Something Weird Video title SHE MOB (1968). Mark brought this to the table so he does most of the talking

EP231 – Switchblade Sisters

Your trio of hosts are back together again. In this episode, we discuss the Jack Hill directed picture SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (1975). After a bit of

EP230 – Vampires

Mike, Iris and Mark are not in the studio this week so today’s episode is being pulled from the Hollywood Upside Down archives. During this

EP229 – 2017 Mamorial Day Special

In this week’s episode, the gang looks at director Tinto Brass’ SALON KITTY (1976). Then Mike, Mark and Vanessa move on to discuss the Jesus

EP228 – Super Soul Brother

This week, Iris walks Mike and Mark through SUPER SOUL BROTHER (1978), a low budget picture directed by Rene Martinez Jr. During this episode we

EP227 – Samurai Cop

This week on the show, Mike, Iris and Mark are joined by Insane Mike host to the Attack of the Killer Podcast. Your four show

EP226 – The Candy Snatchers

On this week’s episode of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Mark runs Mike and Iris through the Guerdon Trueblood directed film THE CANDY SNATCHERS (1973).

EP225 – Knightriders

This week on the show, Iris walks Mike and Mark through the George A. Romero directed picture KNIGHTRIDERS (1981). Two of your three hosts are

EP224 – Vigilante

Mike, Iris and Mark discuss the William Lustig directed VIGILANTE (1983) in our final installment of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts’ exploration of genre films

EP223 – The Last Horror Film

This week on the show, we continue our exploration of Joe Spinell’s acting career by examining the David Winters directed movie THE LAST HORROR FILM

EP222 – Sal Sirchia Interview

In this follow up to our MANIAC episode, Mike had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with singer-songwriter Sal Sirchia. Who is Sal Sirchia? Sal