Candice Rialson

Not a lot is known about this stunning blue eyed, blonde haired beauty. In fact, after her retirement from the business in 1980, she got married, raised a child and lived a relatively quiet life. She passed away in 2006 without the media reporting her death; a somewhat sad end for a woman who had such a strong presence in front of the camera and on the cinema screen.

Rialson was born in Santa Monica, CA, on December 18, 1951. According to Wikipedia, she won the Miss Hermosa Beach contest at the age of 18 (I’m assuming it’s a beauty pageant of sorts), then worked as a go-go dancer for a short time afterwards. Outside of this small amount of information, not much else is known about this lady of exploitation, so I’m going to list a few films in this article that I think our readers will find entertaining.


Smack in the middle of the exploitation/sexploitation era is this Roger Corman produced picture about the careers of three candy stripe nurses (uniformed volunteer nurses). The nurses include Sandy (Rialson), Diane (Robin Mattson) and Marisa (Maria Rojo). Each nurse receives an individual story arc that has very little, if anything, to do with each other. In fact, CANDY STRIPE NURSES feels more like a comedy anthology with a nice little wrap-around. I’d say it’s not your normal exploitation picture in that regards, but represents a successful Corman exploitation formula for featuring beautiful women in common occupational professions. This picture is easily found in Roger Corman’s Cult Classics: The Nurses Collection. The films on this DVD set include: CANDY STRIPE NURSES (1974), PRIVATE DUTY NURSES (1971), NIGHT CALL NURSES (1972) and YOUNG NURSES (1973).


This is another Roger Corman produced picture with an interesting history. According to various sources and verified by Corman, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD was the result of a bet. Both Allan Arkush and Joe Dante bet Corman they could produce a picture for less than $80K in under 10-days. Corman agreed to the bet but only gave the two young filmmakers $60K to get the picture completed. Ten days later and coming in under budget at $54K, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD was born. In a nutshell, here’s a description of the film which I’m going to steal from the IMDB since it is spot-on:

“In this satire on the 70s B-movie industry, a young ditsy pretty blond arrives in Hollywood to try her luck as an actress. After some mishaps, a shady agent finds her a job with a sleazy B-movie crew plagued by strange deadly accidents.”

This is a brief synopsis of a super fun film featuring the gorgeous Candice Rialson in the lead – a film that’s a must-see with a tremendous amount of re-watch value.


This Tom DeSimone picture stars Candice Rialson as a young woman with a talking vagina. Rialson plays Penelope who works as a hairdresser in a beauty parlor. One night after making love with her man, her vagina hurls insults at him for his lack of experience in the sack. From this point forward, Virgina (her vagina), gets Penelope in all sorts of trouble that eventually gets her fired from her beauty parlor job. That’s OK because she soon meets comedian Professor Irwin Corey who hosts a popular TV show, allowing the good Professor to exploit Penelope and Virgina in ways too funny to mention here. Setting aside the film’s poor production and numerous boom mic appearances (no fewer than 6), it’s an enjoyable watch. We covered CHATTERBOX! on Episode124 of the BBandBC podcast.

Don’t stop at just the three films mentioned here. Rialson was a talented individual with good looks who found herself in a lot of entertaining movies. Here are a few I’d like to recommend after you’ve checked out those films mentioned above:

Pets (1974)
Summer School Teachers (1974)
The Eiger Sanction (1975)
Logan’s Run (1976)
Stunts (1977)
Moonshine County Express (1977)

Do you have a favorite Candice Rialson film? If so, we’d love to hear what it is. Just drop us a comment below.

Contributed by: Mike Murphy