EP221 – Maniac

In the second week of Joe Spinell month here at Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, the gang is back to discuss the William Lustig directed picture MANIAC (1980). Bryan from Attack of the Killer Podcast joins us again as we walk down the seedy streets of New York in an attempt to cure Frank Zito of his sickness.

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  1. Great job, although there may be some serious lung damage after the recording of this one, I think. I need to revisit this. I haven’t watched this since I was a teenager and wasn’t too high on it back then. I recently watched and reviewed “Don’t Go in the House”/”Pyromaniac” (1979) for the podcast and enjoyed that one much better in comparison to my memories of “Maniac”, as far as films that are riffing on “Psycho” go, and it cuts down on the stalking quite a bit after initially establishing who and what the killer is about. Worth checking-out for the podcast, if you’ve yet to see it.