PayPal Donations

For nearly five years now, Mike, Iris and Mark have been recording weekly audio content for Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts. This podcast is done out of the love your three hosts have for genre film. The show has thousands of hours recorded for hundreds of different episodes in an ever growing podcast library. These episodes have and will always be FREE. These episodes have and will always be FREE of ADS. The show however does have a cost to produce and maintain.

As the show grows so do our monthly expenses. The costs associated with producing the weekly show are higher than it’s ever been. We pay for website hosting, plugins for the website, file hosting services (delivering 1,000s of MP3s every week isn’t free or cheap), and many other components that make this operation tick.

Moving forward, a way is needed to offset the monthly costs if the show is to remain “on air” so-to-speak. In other words, we want to keep this cinematic ball rolling and with your help, we can. In order to help defray the monthly expenses, we’ve setup a PayPal donation option for our website visitors and podcast listeners. We’ve also provided an incentive to recognize your support.

1 – Donors of any amount get a shout-out during our housecleaning segment at the top of the episode.

2 – Donors that drop $50 into our coffers get to choose a film for the hosts to discuss in a future episode. The chosen film must fall under the genre themes consistent with our BBandBC library and must be accessible to the hosts. The donor will also receive a BBandBC exploitation-themed sticker.

3 – Donors that drop $75 or more into our coffers will have an opportunity to come on the show as a guest co-host. Each guest will get a personal consultation from one of our hosts to decide the film to be reviewed and run through our recording process via Skype. The chosen film must fall under the genre themes consistent with our BBandBC library and must be accessible to the hosts. The guest will also receive a three pack of exploitation-themed stickers after appearing on the show.

If you can’t help with a monetary donation, then please share our show with the people you know. Share it in your social media circles. Let people know we exist and we’re worth listening to. The more people that listen to the show, the longer we stay afloat.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you for considering a donation.

NOTE: Donations through PayPal are one time and not recurring. If you have any questions regarding donations, please use the email link located at the top right portion of the website.