Welcome to the all new BBandBC Website

Welcome to Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts (BBandBC), a weekly podcast and website dedicated to exploring exploitation, genre film and related topics. As you can see, we have a new website to coincide with the next stage in our journey. We want to welcome you and invite you to look around. With that, allow me to introduce you to the staff.

First and foremost, meet the people that make this operation tick. If you’ve been listening to the podcast, then you already know Mike, Iris and Mark. We’ve recently added new members to the team in the form of an editorial staff.

Drew Beckmann is our Managing Editor. Not only does he contribute new articles to the site, he makes certain that the content found in the editorial department doesn’t appear as though a six-year old wrote it – or at least a really dumb six-year old.

Kevin Bachelder is our Genre TV Editor. Kevin will be delivering a Genre TV Report twice per month through our existing iTunes feed. If you have already subscribed to our podcast, you’ll automatically get those every other Monday morning. If you’re not subscribed, maybe you should be.

Johnny Stanwyck is from the darker side of the web. That’s why we hired him. His editorial contributions to this site are a must see. You’ll want to keep an eye on his stuff and maybe even read it while the wife isn’t looking over your shoulder.

Bryan Clark likes playing with plastic toy monsters. He also has an unhealthy fascination with Godzilla and all things Kaiju. He enjoys all sorts of weird things as well so watch your back. I mean his back. Oh, never mind…

Moving along…

Editorial Offerings
Please use the “Editorial” drop down option to visit our growing number of articles. I won’t go into detail on what those are but if you’re on this site, you’re intelligent enough to figure that out on your own. With the editorial section being our newest addition to the BBandBC website, I will let you know that the content is a bit thin at the moment. We are, however, always working on new editorial pieces. We have several in our cannon, ready to fire off as early as this week. Our commitment is to provide a steady stream of interesting articles.

Our brand new database for the site is greatly improved, leveraging the latest web technology. We ask that you register a new account to allow you to comment on the articles being published. This is important for us as a community because we want your thoughts, opinions and point of view on the content we provide. You can also automatically receive updates when new content is made available.

Podcast Episodes
Every one of our 212+ podcast episodes is available using the pulldown “Podcast” option in the menu above. This includes bonus episodes made available in the past. You can listen directly from each episode page or download through the links we’ve provided.

Rating System
We’ve built a rating system into this new website. If you look at the bottom of every article we publish, you’ll see a 1 to 5 star rating option. This not only allows easy user interaction, but also allows us to gauge what you like or dislike on the site. Please use the rating system as a method to help us shape future content for the community.

Social Media
At the top of the site you’ll see icons to all our social media. This includes our Facebook Group, Twitter account, a brand new Pinterest account, both of our RSS feeds (which you can subscribe to), and a link to e-mail the site.

There are also share buttons for every published article and podcast episodes. We ask that you use those to share in your social media circles.

On behalf of the entire BBandBC staff, we WELCOME YOU and hope you enjoy the newly expanded universe that we’re building. If you write and are interested in a position here on the site, contact us using the “send e-mail” icon in the upper right of the website and we’ll chat.


Mike Murphy, Editor in Chief (god that sounds pompous)